Letting Go of the Fear of Flying

There is no place for fear in your life. No home for doubt. These times are scaring people souls and their fear is palpable to you. Let it flow right through you. It does not belong to you. You give fear and doubt no home in your heart or in your thoughts. That does not mean to ignore it but to bundle it up and hand off or break off pieces of it and give it to us. Hand each of us a piece of that fear in you. Watch how we crush it, compact it, like a piece of coal that becomes a diamond. The transformed fear we release to the heavens above to be stars in the sky or to Mother Earth to bury in Her land, to give brilliant light energy to anyone on the Earth who needs that energy.

Emotion is simply energy, that’s why we can take it from you and transform it into something else. Something useful or something beautiful or both! So anytime you feel that pinch, that pain in your Will Center, your solar plexus chakra, bundle it up and bring it to us. We will transmute it or we will make diamonds of it for the universe to do as needed with it. We are happy to work with you in this way. There will also be sadness for today and for a while to come. This, too, can be transmuted for it is also only energy. We could tune up that vibration. Don’t hold it within. You acknowledge it, but do not hold it. Give it to us for transmutation.

Last night while preparing for bed, you had several thoughts that came from your mind but were influenced by your heart. How do we know? Because your thoughts coalesced as soul-speak (thank you, Lee Harris). You saw it – if this election goes as it appears to be going and things continue much as they have – it is as it was meant to be. That loss of healthcare may mean more souls turn to more natural Earth-based healing instead of pharmaceuticals. There are many Souls probing into this cover up by Pharma companies. Companies are run by people souls and they have their heads turn to the glow of greed. This model has come to an end.

Time for a new model of Life. Healing. So if things were to go along the path started some time ago, a possible future is that some people Souls will look to healing in rhythm of Mother Earth and use her children and the Elementals. This may not happen in the immediate but the seed will be planted for this to occur. Perhaps there will also be changes in the way the economy works. Right now, it doesn’t work for many. You will come to a Crossroads – you, Susan – about the work you do and how it supports the industrial complex model and your own thoughts about the work you do – what it could be. So many of the intuitives and seers on Earth right now are seeing us enter the Age of Aquarius very soon. It is upon us. We add in “us” because we are part of this shift too. Although affected by it in different ways than what you will experience.

With Aquarius comes manifestation and you will learn to manifest ways in which to work with Manifestation! There will be a bit of a learning curve because you still often go to your mind before listening to your heart and the thoughts of your mind sometimes go willy-nilly jumping from one thing to another. You will need to find the quiet space of your heart in order to control manifestation.

We say “control” because it is a manipulation of energy we’re talking about here – that’s manifestation. So the control comes from your heart taking charge before your mind does so that the energy doesn’t produce unusable or not useful things – situations, material objects, etc. Things that are not particularly useful to you or to others. Especially when the energy could be used for manifesting other situations. At first you will not feel how this new tool or Talent (depending on how you look at it) is working but you will find others and together the collective will be able to find Harmony and together increase the use of manifestation.

This is also why we want to emphasize again to you that finding your Tribe is important to how you will manifest things in your future. You always have us but you also need to connect with other souls. Seek them out. You must also be more upfront with C. This is the time to share with her your work in working with us. You will feel when it is a good opportunity. Rest assured. Keep aware of what happens on your job and what love can influence that through you.

What has happened with the United States election is a small blip in a bigger picture. All is unfolding as it is meant to so that other things can also unfold. There will be tough times ahead for everyone but you can also bring light into the world by practicing love and sharing the golden-green and turquoise love of your heart and Ascended Heart. Use your third eye. Build and believe your intuition. Believe your intuition!

Always reach out with love and know that even when you miss this opportunity, another will be waiting. Because this is how you grow as a soul and these lessons of paying attention and overcoming fear will continue to present themselves. For the time being, this very close time, concentrate on feeling fear and as immediately as possible, letting it go, if it is not yours. If it is yours, give it to the Grandmothers. To us. To your loving, living Council of the North. The Council of Grandmothers.

We will gladly take those cold lumps of fear and transmute them into diamonds, into stars. We have that power and someday you will too! Let us practice now. Turn on the news, feel whatever feelings come up and give your fear to us for transformation.

You are so loved. Make sure other Souls know how much they are loved. Offer of Love whenever and wherever possible. You have so many skills to do this! You have talents to use to help your Self and other Souls. Remember that talents are skills that you have an affinity for but they are skills that you need to practice and to forgive yourself when they don’t work as planned, then try again. You do this out of love and when this is so, you only need to ask for help from us to guide you in the use of those skills.

Now you need to use them. You are safe, secured by Auriel’s love and protection. You are loved and protected no matter this temporary situation. You could do amazing things. Like learning to fly on a trapeze – we will catch you when you let go of the bar and fly. There will always be a net to catch you if you don’t grab our arms and hands when you let go. The net is us too. Indra’s Net! So do what you must, go do and remember to Be. BE the light you are! BE the soul and all your fullness and beauty and energy.

We love you. We love all of you. We love all souls but right now we are looking at you, to tell you how much we love you. So much love pouring from us now and always and in the past too but that’s a discussion for another time. Go do it, and BE. We love you.

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