A Time for Imagining

You have some ideas, good ideas, floating in your thoughts today. There’s no need to apologize and say you are scattered and not focused. All your imaginings are possibilities! They are all possible pursuits and this is so because for the most part you were thinking and feeling Mother Earth as the counter of your DO list, your to-do list.

You will have days like this where what you thought you were going to focus on turns out not to be what you focus on, or have any focus at all. It’s all okay. It’s all flow. Don’t prescribe your meditation time to one side street or to Main Street. Explore your imaginings. You are entering – along with every other Soul on Mother Earth – the Age of Manifestation. Aquarius brings in new energy. You have heard that from many seers and it is this new energy that you anticipate as your imagination works and works.

Allow the expansion that is part of Aquarius too. Allow that there are many other beings. Other dimensions, other ways of art [?] in the world that have not been explored. Feel sad and perhaps angry about the violent forces of the world taking human lives away from Souls – police forces are these forces that are trying to prevent change. But change will occur no matter what!

Police forces another countries also use violence to make people afraid, no matter their skin color. As you saw on that young woman’s blog, the police were black- and brown-bodied souls and so were the people they were intimidating or killing. This is still racism – if you looked into the root causes you would find in recent history the beginnings of racism. What existed before that was still oppression but it had a different expression.

You are feeling unfocused, get getting up to get a banana because you feel your blood sugar lagging – do not feel this is wrong. It just is. This is just how this particular day is turning out at least during our time with you, this morning.

Do you want to explore it more? Part of it is feeling the changes of many situations – the changes of Mother Earth moving into her contemplative winter season, the recent US election, your changes in feeling and spiritual understanding and you’re picking up on the changes that others are feeling – the collective change that is occurring and this makes you antsy. You form and reform your to-do list in your head.

Look at what to-do means – it means planning for the future. Making choices. All of it is okay when you remember that planning must remain flexible – it must go with the flow. You manifest your choices or your choices are made manifest and that process is speeding up. So practice concentrating on your skill of discernment but also how you go from imagination to fruition. Perhaps this moment is a pause, a way to collect what you imagined into a pile, into a place where you can pick among those imaginings and manifest it or them. Remember to find and acknowledge the connections between all things as you wander around in your imagination.

So let’s stop for today. Use your time to flow today. To allow your imagination to produce ideas, to produce energy that will carry you for a while. There is time to develop any of these further and to finding their connections (for there are many) to Indra’s Net! Now go and be, go and do. Come back soon and tell us of your adventures in your imagination. We can’t wait to hear, darling daughter. We love you and are so excited to see your growth in love and focus. All things in their time. All imaginings to fruition in the right time. We love you!

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