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The outer world only produces fear. In here, in the Cave of the Grandmothers, the Council of Grandmothers, all is as it is. There is abundance. There is plenty. You wish to manifest that abundance in the world. It is the Age of Manifestation so you will, and are learning of your own talents and skills in that area.

The area of manifestation – especially abundance – you feel for those who are being evicted. That those with power are distracting or oppressing a large majority of people by doing things like eviction. It is a distraction, a ruse. It is the symptoms and not the cause. To get to the cause, you must realize what role you play in how things are going, how they are turning out. When you can see your own role, your responsibility, you will also see how to remedy it. Many things come to your mind but don’t act on them until you have meditated, contemplated longer.

Keep working on manifestation, particularly a bounty of abundance. For there are times ahead that will be painful for many, for the human family from this human side but also from the spiritual side as Souls. The many will feel abandoned by their faith in their gods. But their gods are not single entities but host of guardians and spirits and guides and loving beings. You can help them by concentrating on the abundance of spirits available to them.

Perhaps one day when you concentrate on Guardian Spirits or Angels – whatever that Soul sees as theirs – and put out into the world the abundance of spirit, an abundance of Love needed by any soul in any circumstance. Your heart is big enough to accommodate the energy coming in from all around you so that you can add in your love, your energy of heart, and send it out into the world. You want to help so badly, to go out and “fix” things for those who suffer. Yes, you can and must use your talents to help others but be very clear in your intentions. To do so to make yourself feel better, to feel superior to those who do not give is not the way to go. You do not see the whole picture. We have counseled you before about judgment. How you must not judge.

Even those who appear well off, those with large money fortunes – you do not know what their souls suffer from when money rules them and they are addicted to money, how the fire of greed burns them, because you cannot walk their path. You are mistaken to think that for them to give up their money to those who have less will make all the woes of the world disappear. They will not. For the pain is much deeper for all souls on Earth than simply sharing money will take care of. At some point in the past and will be so again in the future – [know that] souls do not survive as human bodies on money. In other words, humans cannot eat money. A Soul’s thirst cannot be quenched by water alone.

Whether that time – a time when money will be meaningless because it cannot sustain a human body – will come or not, will depend on the actions of many Souls awakening to the troubles on a spiritual level face by all. You among them. Dig deep and deeper into your Self, in to your desires and intentions, your needs and wants. Be clear of your own contribution to the way things currently are for all others. Then look to those who help you, those on another vibration who have cleared their souls of layers of misconception, deceit, ignorance. They can give you insights into how to raise the vibration of all so that the need for suffering and the outcome of suffering is lessened, reduced, and ultimately disappears.

It will not happen in your lifetime, current lifetime, unless there is suddenly a shift in recognizing personal choices and how they affect all vibrations. All energies. If that happens then perhaps things will appear and be different with less suffering. You can strive for that. Strive to see it in your lifetime, but it may take so much more work than can be done by those who are awake and awakening. But you are at a point in your learning to know that just because something may not happen in your lifetime that it is not going to happen [that is, it could happen in the future whether you are witness to it or not]. You know that you must work for the suffering to end regardless. And that you also know that you will benefit or suffer in other lifetimes for what you set in motion and help set in motion in this lifetime. This is karma. Well, at least a simplified version of it.

As you watch events unfold in the United States after the election, you asked the question – how could this be that the presidential race is nearly tied? Then you realize that it is 2020, the year of great upheaval but not the only year. But as so many were hoping all would go back to normal, they will be in for a surprise or shock that things are going not going back, for they can only go forward.

This is the crux of Manifestation. That those who wish that life would return to normal are not seeing the leap they can make to moving forward by manifesting that move forward. Not go backward, that is not possible for the past does not exist! Not the way that many souls or people would like for it to exist. It is only forward and even that, is an oversimplification. Forward connotes movement and movement happens in the material world and what is really opening is the “time” of Manifest.

If you draw in your breath and pause, that pause is the moment between, the moment when things could go many ways – you could exhale, inhale more deeply, or continue to pause. This is what the Buddha has said on the pause between the inhalation and exhalation (and again in the reverse). This is what the year 2020 could be – the pause before the next inhale or exhale.

No Return To The Past. No past. But no future either. No future. No time, it is non-time, it is the Pause. This is the pause in which Manifestation can take place!

The year 2020 is the Pause – so many worldwide metaphors for that – the virus, the US elections, but also many events around the Earth. It is the “moment” of manifest. The opportunity for souls to awaken even more and for awakened souls to focus energy to bring on change. Change for love. You’re asking now about how the power of manifestation can be used to end suffering. There are ways that suffering can be reduced or end based on Love. Big Love. But also little love.

[Pauses, like that which the Buddhists say happens in the Bardo – the person that has choices to return to human life or to other lives or to Enlightenment. The person also chooses their parents in returning as a human.] This is not unrelated to the Pause of Manifestation. To manifest in the Pause, it must be based on love and letting go of expectations. That is why we have been so adamant with you about letting go of your own expectations. Source will come through when needed but the way through must not be hampered by expectation. It must flow. For your expectation is unique and not like another Souls’ expectations. That is why it all has to be given up and yet, you have a say in the pause. Paradox?

From your perspective, yes. This is getting into difficult explanation or difficulties in using language. You have the power to manifest. But because your expectation of what to manifest is different than what another Soul expects, you must let go of expectation. You must manifest but not manifest. Not manifest with certain expectation of outcome. Maybe that is the key idea – expectation of a certain outcome. Manifest without attaching it to a certain outcome. Can you do that, you ask?

This is where contemplation and consultation with other Souls, your guides, and beings of other dimensions of different energies or vibrations will be the way to come to terms with the Paradox. To those outside of where you are, there is no Paradox, but because of the way of the world, of planet Earth, there is paradox. Listen to the Grandmothers, listen to other beings like the Ascendants, listen through the channelers, those beings of other dimensions such as the Pleiadeans or the light beings of the Central Sun, or Dr. Peebles. Then listen to your own higher self.

You have so much help in understanding the Paradox in the Time of Manifestation. As you go through your day over the next several days, months, years, remember that this point is an opening to understanding manifestation but not the only point. For even if it doesn’t become clear now, there will be other points in the future and each time will open the door to understanding and acceptance.

You feel a certain excitement in you at the possibilities this moment holds for you, for all Souls. Manifest and know you have work to do on you. We are here to help. Call on us. Call on your Guardians, your Family of Souls, your Beloveds, the Beings of the Universe who are pure love and light and share this with you. There is so much to learn, to feel, to be! We are excited for you. We love you so much and see great things for you and what you can do for others.

You have embraced your soul path, your path of service to others and know that others have also dedicated themselves to service, from which you will greatly benefit. You will take care of each other. Find each other. Manifest family! We are part of it. Open your soul, yourself to others. Live in this exciting moment, this Pause and be of Love as you are and always have been.

Pure love. Pure light.

Pure Love, We love you!

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