A Little Experiment with Meditation

This morning you experimented with meditating differently. You went directly into meditation with a saying of gratitude and commitment of Self to Wholeness. This had something that worked but you also have ritual in order to activate your body – the gratitude you show to the directions, the stretches you perform as you do so, the linkages you make as you stand in your energy, the root connection with Mother Earth – all these things you set aside – although you still committed yourself to your path and your family and you faintly connected yourself to Mother Earth.

There’s something to be said for ritual at least for you in the morning. It helps awaken your body and connection to mind in preparation for spirit journey. When you arrived at the cave, the fire was low – down to coals and you could see more of the Grandmothers sitting around the fire, to see they came from different places, different times. This was something you’d been wanting so now you see that you can see!

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