Judge Not Judgement Nor Judge

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning, Dear One! Dear Ones! Today is a beautiful day for learning more of who you are. Who you are meant to be. Meant to be in the way you set your path for this lifetime. There are so many Grandmothers here in the Council. So many stories and yet just one story and that is of Love. Love as the basis of all things and all non-things that is of physical life and of spirit. It is all energy as we’ve said many times before.

The voice of Dr. Peebles is in your mind and you are wondering if it is Dr. Peebles guiding you this morning. Would that matter? Would that make a huge difference to you? Perhaps the voice is simply like Doctor Peebles and since you’ve listened to him recently you are hearing our voices like his, the doctor’s. You want very badly for it to be the Grandmothers and so let it be so. Let go of the voice of Dr. Peebles. There are so many guides and loving souls on this side who are with you.

The story you spoke and recorded yesterday was very moving to you. Especially at the end where she has handed over her duties to a younger woman and rests on the sand in the sun by the ocean, listening to the breath of the world. Grandmother, that was a beautiful story. This morning is you sat with all of them in the ring around Brother fire, you watched as you thought of what you thought of as smoke rose around them. This was not smoke as you consider it in the physical world but a way to show you how the spirit world changes in energies.

There is movement here too. Nothing is constant, we change as we grow. The soul never stops learning. No, it really does continue to learn and to grow in love. We just have different lessons here, lessons to release the old patterns of energy that are not needed. Sometimes to release parts of our personalities that are still with us but no longer serve us or no longer serve Love. They come more easily as we are in spirit and don’t have the same distractions – those physical distractions you are dealing with – but still we have our own things to work on to become fully Who We Are.

There’s a lot going on in the world of energy, so know that the learning continues and really, you are glad, because you like to learn. You like to know more about the who of who you are. You’ve always been a good student, a curious one although sometimes timid, and sometimes allowing fear and doubt, but you are breaking away from that as you find yourself and lighten the load on your soul.

You’ve burdened yourself, you understand, and only you can unburden yourself. It is scary to you to let go of the shame and guilt because they are familiar to you. And yeah, you’ve allowed yourself glimpses of what it is like to be free. To be free of those burdens. You are in the midst of learning those lessons – the ones where you accept forgiveness for things that you did in the past and the things you think and project in the future as well as the present.

The results of learning are appearing now – you think angry thoughts about your neighbor and then you recognize those thoughts are anger and how it is not useful. You are still attempting to detach those thoughts and slowly you are, and will continue, to move away from them. Detach from guilt and shame as they no longer serve you. Old habits die hard, as they say, but we are here to help you. Never forget that!

Each time you’ve called upon us lately you’ve felt our presence. Now you also recognize how at least one of your cats – say Fae – sees or hears other spirits around you. You used to freak out – remember that? Now you recognize and acknowledge our presence or the presence of other loving guides who like to be around you.

That’s another thing changing. You are still in in awe that anyone, any spirit or other living being would want to be near you. You still have a fear that this will end and that you will do something to be judged not worthy, not beautiful, not full of light. You see how crazy that is? You are not judged for anything! You are loved completely without any conditions. Without any conditions! How freeing is that? You can go ahead and make mistakes. Go ahead! Because we believe there are no mistakes, there is only learning and you have such a big heart, such a loving heart, you need to share love with the world of souls around you. Do not be afraid of making mistakes because only you believe, right now at least, that they are mistakes. We don’t think of them like that.

We see you is so brave and so full of love and that you really do want to help the souls on Mother Earth and only you are holding you back. Give that go. Give up fear – see, you do have fears – let them go. Give them up. Give them up! You don’t need to cling to doing things in a way that you consider the “right way.” We can help you in this regard. We can lift you out of your fear and help you speak about love. You’ve been told in so many ways, as have others, that to speak of Love is hokey – that only religious people speak of love and that they do so out of fear much of the time because their people interpreted their writers of their scriptures as prescribing the way one must act in love or to love. This is nonsensical. Love is so beyond any rules or proscriptions. Religious people or religious leaders see everything through a lens of fear. They believe there is only a single door to love and that love is only a single entity that they have made up. They do glimpse Source or Love but then they restrict themselves, they constrict themselves.

You’re putting some of your own human judgments on things you are writing. We love them (the religious) as we love you. We pass no judgment on them and you can choose not to pass judgment too. You just let them walk their path and if you cross paths, then you offer them love, whether you say it to them or you offer it through spirit. See how you’re not alone in what you face? You have fears and doubts. Those religious people as you call them – they are souls in human bodies just like you and they have fear and doubts just like you. Just their paths are different. Don’t force your fear or doubt on them.

Yours is a doubt that still lingers about whether they are “right” about what they call their heavebm their god. But we remind you that another way to look at it is to see that every soul creates their heaven or belief in what happens after this life and that is what they will create for themselves. Neither better nor worse than what any other souls believes. Do not stand in judgment of their belief in something you do not understand or believe for yourself. Do not stand in judgment of their desire to persuade you to believe as they believe or their judgment upon you. That is simply their path!

They are learning as souls just as you are. Your lesson for this life (among the many others) is to let other souls walk their path, to not stand in judgment of their doing so. And since we are speaking of judgment – do not judge yourself for falling back into the habit of judging! You see how this can be? You are sometimes very hard on yourself – sometimes harder on yourself than others. Harder meaning judgmental of your own behavior, of your own way. This is part of your learning. Judgment is a fear. But when you face your fears and let them go their way, you are free! You are free of judging yourself for judging others, and free of judging others.

Work today and for always to feel what that freedom is like. To let go of the clenching of your stomach – which is your will, which is your “control center.” Let go of control of others and of yourself. Yes, there are certain Universal truths that affect you such as that of Attraction, but you will feel that out as you go. For everything else – there are no cultural rules that cannot be broken.

Look at your anger at Trump, to take an example. Why were or are you so angry with that soul? You must realize that part of your anger has to do with control. That he broke so many rules of your culture, this has upset you. You are also angry that he has seemingly little regard for other souls and that is something else, not what we are talking about here. Your anger around control and your cultural terms. He broke rules for conduct as a ruler in your society. He broke rules about how to treat others with respect. He broke rules about using power allowed him. Allowed him should tip you off about how he functioned. If others had stopped his use of power, his disrespect, his abuse, his lack of following rules of your society, then perhaps there would have been less suffering in your world. But he’s become a scapegoat of sorts for all the things that happen in your world everywhere.

And all of it stems from being cut off from Soul. From being a soul in a human body. We see how so many are willing to have him as a surrogate so they can remain asleep but that’s only on the surface. If more were to awaken to their soul paths, to Love, your society and the world would appear very different because the energy would change and the ways of Love would be freed or unburied under all the gook. You see? You as a group of souls who formed this Earth society are all asleep or sleepy.

Those who are awake to Love do not necessarily involve themselves in the society in the way others are involved and that is because they have given up on judging themselves or others. That is not to say that if someone were to hurt another being and they were witnessing it, they would not stop the hurting of another. But from a societal standpoint, they see things differently because they have worked to free themselves of the burden of judgement.

You still need a kind of judgment – discernment – both on the physical plane in the spiritual plane, but not all of the judgment or types of judgment you have. For example, you need discernment when walking on a street and you want to across the street and there are cars moving in both directions. You must discern when it is safe to cross and not get hit by a car. But the judgment you might possibly direct toward the drivers of those cars, or even of yourself for not making a quick judgment or discernment about the best time to cross, that is not useful or necessary. You have no reason to judge the drivers for driving on that street at that speed, preventing you from crossing safely. Nor can you judge yourself for choosing that street to walk across, where, and what particular moment to try to cross.

What good with those judgments do? They would do you no good. Let them go. Let them go and experience the freedom from judgment that is possible. It will feel good! It will be freeing to your soul and won’t generate anger and fear, which don’t feel good in your soul, and by extension, in your body. So practice letting go of judgment and holding on to discernment so that you can still be physically safe but without the weight of judgment. This will make your physical body feel lighter and lighter the more you practice it.

We won’t judge you if you choose to be judgmental. There’s no good to come of it. But we will continue to remind you of how freeing it will feel when you can let go. Both let go of judgment of others and of yourself – there are no mistakes, only learning taking place.

Oh! We love you so much! Oh, every bit of you!

You are so lovely, so bright, so shining as a soul. You have much to give. Go ahead and do so. You can figure it out and where you get stuck, go ahead and ask us for help. You sometimes forget that we’re always here and can help instantly. Maybe not the exact results you project but we can help in the way of the soul and of Source. When you let go of expectations, you’ll see how we can help or have helped. We are here and everywhere for you. Let go of judgment and Free Yourself.

Freedom feels so good! Your soul will sing!!

We love you so much. Love, love, love. You and all souls. But we want you especially to feel our love because we are your guides – you’ve chosen us and we love that. We feel honored. We feel your love as well – give yourself some of that love. Love yourself, Susan, love yourself. Love yourself without reservation or condition, Bright One, Shining One, Bright Soul, like a candle or flame burning to give others light.

You are loved, you are so loved. We love you!!

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