Ceremony to Cleanse the Third Eye

This is what we told you for today: make an elixir of Lapis Lazuli. You must clear your third eye, you intuition must be clear, made strong. It will be needed, you will need it. You must do this today. Trust us. That is your lesson and we are preparing you for more. Take the elixir.

Here’s how to do it – clean a clear glass, clean it very well with your attention focused on what you are doing. This is a sacred ceremony for clearing your third eye and necessary for you. Clean the Lapis Stone under running water from your tap and then under spring water you received from the store. Fill the glass with spring water, place the Lapis Stone in it and place in the window. Whether bright sunshine or overcast, Sol Sol will add their energy to it and it will vibrate with Mother Earth. Blow across the top of it for Sister Wind, hold it over a candle flame for Brother Fire.

Take out the stone and add a pinch of salt to remind you of earth and Mother Earth and your own salty tears. Drink the elixir and thank all who help you, all spirits and guides, elementals, celestials, dimensionals, terrestrials, extra-terrestrials, Ascendants, and your ancestors.

Accept their love because you are worthy of it. This may be the most difficult part, for you have a hard time with worthiness. But this gift, these gifts we give are because you are loved. Worthiness is a foregone conclusion!

This is to help cleanse your third eye and to open your throat chakra and your creative Self. You need this but all of life needs this. This is your role – to give to the world, to give to Mother Earth, and to receive in a way that has no strings attached. Simply because you are loved, you are you, this is love.

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