Ceremony for Midwinter Solstice


You will have a sacred drumming circle in your yard. The women will bring their drums and other instruments. You will lead them – do not back away from this! You will lead them in placing their energy into the Net – Indra’s Net, the Net of Light – it is all the same thing. This is necessary for Mother Earth. Do not be afraid of saying you have received these instructions from us. You need to step up and step out on this.

Candles all around for you must call in the elementals. Call in the celestials – each person calls to their own guardian. Guardian angels and/or guardian animals. The drumming begins when all feel attuned. Call in the spirits who protect Mother Earth from all the directions. Call in the spirits for the highest good.

And drum, drum, drum!

Let each woman, according to her feelings, sing, scream, chant, holler, whatever they feel. Let them be open to their own being. Soul and human. Drum the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

You must step up and step out now. This is a turning point for you. You must speak your truth and you must put it out there and let others respond as they will respond to your speaking of who you are and who we are. No more fear and doubt. It has no place in the House of the Waysinger.

You open the door and all the others who are ready will walk through on their own. This is important for you to understand. It is the way it is. You are a conduit of love and for Love. Source.

It is necessary for you to drum for Mother Earth, for your Self, for all souls on Earth. It is serious work but not solemn. You need higher energy, higher vibration. Drumming is an act of creation. Creation, creativity, is needed now. Mother Earth needs you now. You need each other.

This is one of many ceremonies to come but it is the door opener. You will join with millions of others who will also be drumming and having ceremonies of different types. You will connect with ancestors as well. You will connect with Laura, she will be there as will Nancy, Zahira, and Sue P.

Make sure to have sage to clear the land where you will be. Mark the four directions. Thank the Haudenosaunee, for the land keepers here first. Thank all loving spirits for attending and for guardians to stand against impish or malevolent spirits that might break the circle.

And drum.

Drum the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

You are the leader for this. Time to step up to your task. To what you set out to do. This will be one part, a vital, necessary part of helping Mother Earth, helping your Self. When you help your Self, you are helping all souls on Earth for the vibration will be higher and stronger and some soul will activate because you put this higher vibration into the world.

This is necessary because all of you are needed.

All of you are needed!

You, Susan, the Waysinger, have the strength in you to lead this. Do not feel embarrassed! Do not shy away from your power. Do not shy away from your Power. It is delivered to you and through you from Love, from Source. This is the ceremony you will set up and perform and participate in.

Ask, coax the higher vibration out of every soul who joins you. Raise it until you and all those souls hum with this higher vibration. Call in the goddesses, call in the dakinis, the protectors of women, call in Kali and Lilith, Quan Yin and Green Tara. Call in the guardians of women, of children.

Call in the spirits to offer comfort and freedom to men, those souls occupying male bodies who must also be freed of the strangling chains of culture in order to add their Yin to the world. They may have male bodies but they hold Yin energy just as you, as a female body do, just as you as a female body hold Yang.

Balance, it is the time for Balances of energy, for turning the Wheel to Yin, to Feminine energy. This you will do through drumming and chanting and raising your vibration.

This ceremony you will publish in your blog. You will also need to announce this blog, our writing, the writing of all the guides you have spoken with thus far. This is your next step. This is your next task. Trust us. Trust your Self.

Unlock your intuition from the prison of doubt!

And your work on Solstice will add to all the vibrations you have sent out into the world before and will on that night. You do this for Mother Earth, who you love so much. You do this for all the souls who you love and love you. We feel your love for us as your guides and we return your love. Go now and put this in your blog. Then announce your work with us and the ceremony to happen. Do this in many places and do not be afraid to say you received this from us. For we know you are ready and we love the world through you. No, don’t let that doubt creep into your thoughts.

Do this. For yourself, for us, for all souls, all beings. Go now and do this. You are blessed for it.

With deep, deep love and affection for you, Your Guides.

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