Bast – Lion Goddess, Protector Goddess

Bast – Protector Goddess – Lion-headed Egyptian Goddess. She is much, much older than her Egyptian appearance. She was present before they depicted her in their hieroglyphs and paintings and sculptures of gold. She was and is Lilith, Primordial Goddess rising from the Will, the Center, fierce protector of soul will.

You have very old emotional energy that must be purged for you to keep moving forward. You feel you have sacrificed much of your Self for others. It is all tangled together – past and present. You are not responsible for fixing anything – any broken emotions, any blocked chakras of any other soul. You are only able to work on your own soul and clear your own path.

You want time and space for your growth and that is a mantra you’ve had in your head for a long time. You have a desire to have space to be quiet, to meditate, to listen to us, and so on and with this desire, time to do it. Time is a rare thing, you think, but is it? Or is it an internal issue that you must also face about separating thoughts from meditative time spent with those who are not carnate – all your guides and loving spirits.

Is the problem located elsewhere or within you?

There is no issue with any other soul. It is an internal issue. It is your soul’s issue. You walk your path and don’t put problems off on other souls. So what does this mean for you?

Kali, Bast, Lion Woman, Lilith, Witch – all of these aspects, these Goddesses are saying to you to change your ways. You have time and you have space. Vast, vast amounts of it!


The infinite space is within your soul, in the etheric body that you have. The infinite time is in your soul. Your access to quietude and stillness are on the surface. There are practitioners who are completely in meditation every moment of human life, who have integrated human density into infinity.


You are not there so you use Earth-time to take you into it, into the Infinite, into the time/space you believe you need. This is a barrier for you that you must overcome. And you will! You will overcome this obstacle but you must practice and work hard to still your thoughts and actions. There are so many ways and you have time to explore them. Eventually, you will be able to sleep longer so you don’t need to get up in physical time in order to reach us, to mediate on who you as a soul are. All things, things you are doing in reaching in to your Higher Self, your soul, to us your guides as well as deal with your emotions from this and other lifetimes – all of it, of the outer life you live – all can be accessed in a much easier way when you meditate to release yourself from the expectation of action.

You are developing a rut of doing what you call meditation – each very early morning you arise and go through the same steps to reach us and to identify areas of your Self you need to work on. You reach out to us to get a story of some kind to write about. You desire to ask for answers and desire to put this out there for others. But much of it may be premature. A premature and false belief that you are receiving and writing without personal bias. Is this fear and doubt? I am only bringing to the surface what you still must deal with. Why else would this slight from someone bring up so much emotional baggage?

That is why Kali came to you. That is why Bast appeared in your mind. The issue is not someone else but inside you. Inside your conversations with yourself.

Why is it you haven’t fully explained aloud to others what it is you are doing with your time? With getting messages from us? What is preventing you from “coming out”? You still have doubt. You separate internal and external life. You are far from integrated. Being a channel will not solve the problem but only give you Impostor Syndrome. You must work to integrate.

If this sounds harsh, maybe harsh is what you need. The goddesses of harshness are speaking to you – do not fool yourself into thinking you are integrated – soul and mind. You have moments of being soul-driven but mostly you still give in to ego and do not listen to us, your guides. There is no quick fix. There is practice and there is humility. You are loved and this is another type of love – one that holds a mirror up to your inner life and forces you to look at your being and doing and Self.

These goddesses and we, your guides, are here to help you cut, burn, sever what does not serve you. That which must be removed or changed. Transformed, transmuted, remodeled, revised, reversed, so that you can be integrated and whole. You are not there yet. You have emotions that are so compacted that it will take time to reduce them in order to purge them.

We say these things because we want to see you whole. A whole soul. You are already whole but you have some uncovering work to do. We are here, we love you. We do not want you to back off reaching out to us. On the contrary, we want you to spend more time with us, honing your intuition, which is our conversation and guidance with you. Integrated into your human day, your daily existence. Time to go much deeper. Time to integrate. Go deeper than you think possible. We are here to help, to keep you safe, to keep you moving forward. Use our energy, our power to take you to the highest version of your Self you can be.

We love you! Love yourself.

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