Heart-ing Through Freedom and Control

You are having a bit of a dance with freedom and control this morning. You are thinking of recent events in your work life and in the life of the country, the nation, in which you currently reside. You are trying to keep on top of fears you have about the controllers in this country – those whom you wonder with some anxiety – if the country will be ruled, governed by fascists. This has been a catch-word in your mind – fascism. You don’t want those doubts about where things are headed and yet this fear creeps up on you. Why this fear?

Your soul, no matter the state of your body, is free. It always has been and always will be. As Dr. Peebles said, even if you are imprisoned in a cell, you are still free. You as a soul are still free. They have not perfected the interrogation of thoughts, violations of your mind, but even if they were to find the way that they could, your soul, which is intact always, which is inviolate, is free. Your soul remains free.

For nothing can happen outside of Source and no control can be made on you as a soul that is not known and controlled by Source. Source has no reason to control you as a soul. The purpose of consciousness is for Source to learn about itself in all that is. So while you may have this fear for your freedom should fascism take hold in your country, you will never lose the light, nor lose the love of the All. Love is the Universe, there can be nothing “above” it. It is unknowable to you in this density but it is knowable to itself. And it is communicating that fascism cannot touch your soul.

You ask whether fascists will arise in the nation and take over control of the government. You could call them fascists or you could call them something else. They use fear to control the head, the brain of all people souls living in this country. The control has been in place for a long time, and to focus on fascism as a possibility is a distraction. A false sense of freedom is upon you, upon those around you, upon the land, the country. There are those who are trying to maintain control over your mind. They cannot figure out how to control your heart because that is your soul, you soul seat and it is not possible to control it.

But it is possible to manipulate the mind. To manipulate the thinking by repeating ideas and connecting them to fear. Now that some souls and people-souls have broken through, broken away from fears about race, gender, sexuality, etc. by learning that we are all one, a new fear must take its place or perhaps a ganglion of fears must move in to control people. Fear of hunger, of losing one’s home, fear of losing freedom to have guns, to believe that there exists differences between us – these are the details of the fears being perpetrated, being pushed at you, at all souls in this time.

But as more of you awaken to your true nature as a soul and some fears dissipate, there is panic among the controllers for there is a tipping point at which those who no longer believe in the perpetrated fears outnumber the ones who try to control. Does this make sense? You ask why do they want control over others? Because they falsely believe they are gaining something they are missing. The freedom of the soul is not lost on them. No, they know it full well and it scares them to have such freedom. Why does it scare them? Because they feel they will be “lost,” that their being – meaning their egos – will dissolve and they will cease “to be.”

Some have come to this conclusion by simply thinking about it and not connecting to the Truth of the cosmos, of the Universe. They are Source just like all of us. Some may have listened to others who have convinced them that they will disappear if they do not have certain freedoms. You are no different in some ways. You understand the freedom you have as a soul but you still harbor a fear of being without a house, being without food, having no status among your peers at work, not being listened to or believed.

And you have a fear that you cannot control how others think. That you desire them to “awaken” and be liberated from density and fear, false fears – this is control! This is a way you try to control others. By wanting them to awaken to their fears is a way to control your fear. If you can get them to see that if we could be all in this together, those physical deprivation fears would be gone. So you don’t look at your own fears, own desires to control, but instead concentrate on the fears of others. It’s sort of the opposite of fear-mongering. You want to take away those fears for others but do you see how this is control? You impinge upon other souls’ freedom to choose what path they take and when they get to the path.

Can you see how this works? You harbor a desire – buried quite deeply – for people to like what you write, to “follow” you in social media and to like you as a person. You want this recognition and attention to you, to these words. This is about control, you see? You want to control others by having them believe as you do. Having them believe in the words of the Grandmothers, in the words of others who you listen to. But that means that if other souls choose not to listen to you, they are not under your control. They will not read these words and fall into place, fall into line and lock-step their way to the New Age.

If you truly believed in freedom, then you would emotionally and spiritually let go of the desire to have people “see the light.” For their freedom to be real, they must be “allowed” to choose. Choose to believe or choose not to believe or anywhere on that spectrum they fall. Do not choose for them. This is why all along we have said to you that this is for those who are “ready to hear” us, so while we speak to you and your choice is to listen (mostly!), we know that there may not be others who choose to hear what we have to say. They are free! Just as at any time you can abandon your belief in us. Simple as that, boom, done. You have that freedom.

Currently, you have chosen to listen, to write for us, to write for your own understanding and to offer this up to others. Secretly you hope they will, and more and more will “follow” you but this is your attempt to control. How are you any different than those who you feel are fascists? This is something to recognize about yourself, to see that it is in you. You are no different in trying to control than are those in your physical world who also want to control.

And beyond them are those who are currently hidden from view who also are trying to control all of you. To manipulate you to satisfy something for, or in, them. They may be revealed soon enough. You may recognize their manipulations even if you don’t recognize them as souls occupying human bodies. But even if they are revealed, you must always remember that you are free. You are a free soul. Use your heart and not so much your head, your mind. Refrain from criticizing other people souls with whom you disagree. They are trying to control their environment and be free as souls just like you. They ARE free souls JUST LIKE YOU! They are manipulated and controlled just as you are.

You have us to give you some insight and so they may have guides or gods that give them insights too. Do not dwell on outer, surface differences for these are merely cosmetic. You are the same. We are all the same. Concentrate on your vibration, concentrate on offering up our words without having expectations of what others will think, do, or take to heart. Don’t walk others’ paths. Stop looking at those stats in your blog, you only encourage yourself into these habits of control or desire for control. You’ve got a lot of work to do on you.

You haven’t even begun to explore your own freedom! Imagine fulfilling your desire to fly, to fly across Niagara Falls, or up to any star you wish, to explore what a black hole is or to see the moment of binding and unbinding your own DNA. My god, such freedoms! Isn’t it exciting to consider? Exciting to allow your soul this freedom? Wow, what a trip you could find yourself on! And this can happen when you use your energy to find your soul’s freedom. To let go of control of others, to also not reflect the desire for control in yourself of your Self. I mean, really, you don’t always believe you. You don’t always believe what we say. You may choose to totally ignore this and continue as you have been. You many not want to explore your soul’s freedom. And ALL of this is ok.

We have the “luxury” of not being pressed for time. We also have the freedom of unconditionality. We love you but how you walk your path is none of our business, so to speak. How you see yourself is up to you, not us. If you choose to explore your freedom, we will be happy for you but we will not say that this is good or bad – it just is. To label it good or bad is to stand in judgement of you, of where you go on your path. That is not unconditional then, is it? No. So however you choose anything is your path. You now understand how wanting others to believe as you do is a way to control them (or attempt to control them). You can give yourself the freedom to explore your freedom if you so choose. You can choose to grow, if you so choose. You can choose to try to control others, if you so choose. You see? It is all about choice.

This is a lot to take in. We understand that. If you choose to contemplate what we’ve told you, know that we are here to answer any questions you may have. We love you no matter. We love you completely and totally and wholly. You are so precious to us. You are our darling. We love you so much!

We love you!

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