Today we want you to write of patterns. We worked with you to show you images of images we’ve shown you in the past that we bring forward in your mind’s eye once again. The photos that you took when these images were in your subconscious and are now in your conscious. Spider webs, especially those covered with dew are very important to you right now as they have been your way of imagining Indra’s Net. And you’ve thought of Indra’s Net for quite a while. You see the patterns in nature of how the Net is repeated over and over. Spider Webs – Grandmother Spider of the Lakota people souls.

But some images are not photos you’ve taken but patterns you hold – cat’s cradle; the solar system; spider webs as we’ve said before; but also the web of fibers among the fungi; and from fungi to plants especially the trees; the human body’s circulatory system; the synapses of the brain; the electrical system of the body; cells organized into patterns; in those cells, the atoms with their protons, neutrons and electrons in a solar system-like pattern and then the organization of subatomic particles and on into an infinity which on the dense plain or dimension where you reside, is not visible with your senses and current machines. Then going outward from your solar system with its mimic of atomic particles swirling around the protons like the sun, are the systems in the galaxy and the galaxies of the Universe – patterns, patterns, patterns! Fractals of infinite repeat, mirroring each other. This is the universe and it is of the Universe – repeated patterns of being, of existence.

So too, is Indra’s Net, and now you have another name for it – The Net of Light and Love – as we Grandmothers have spoken of it to other women. You feel such amazement that so much of what you’ve written for us of what we’ve told you and those images or feelings that have been part of you now for awhile are also occurring to other women! So much the same! Yes, this is your tribe. So much of what you have been given as images from us and what you have uncovered of your own soul system has to do with patterns and with Indra’s Net or the Net of Light.

To bring you now into the tribe, into the fold of other women – your sisters – we have done this because now you have released some of your prejudice against getting close to others in order to keep yourself from being hurt. You have released that and as you have, you’ve made more room within you to see the patterns there. Patterns are connections. Just as with a mandala, it is the positive and negative spaces that make up what your eye sees. But just like a mandala, energy is released in the seeing. So now as you release the old, the new energy can come in.

The positive and negative space that makes seeing possible is also working here. It is both the positive and negative energies present in you that allow you to know them. If you only had one – say, the positive, you wouldn’t know it as positive because there would be nothing to compare it to. You see? When you sense energy it is because you can compare positive and negative. Here we are talking about these words in terms of how artists see space (2D or 3D). You cannot see the pine tree outside your window unless you also “see” (feel) the air around the pine tree. Light and shadow, white and black, or any two colors or for 3D – solid and the open.

Michelangelo talked about the sculpture always being present, that he just chipped away what wasn’t of the sculpture. This fits with the same idea. “There” and “not there,” nothing and something. Patterns cannot appear without both being present. A sentence on paper (just as you are writing) is not a pattern – is not-there – until your lovely purple ink separates the blank white of the paper from all else. Paper and ink. The words are not there (at least on the physical plane) until the ink separates there from not-there.

So too, you had to clear out an old pattern of distrust in order for a new pattern to take its place. Trust. Trust in us, trust in your sisters, trust that all is as it should be. [not destiny!] All is forming in the pattern as we’ve all agreed to. All of it is pattern. All we are, are patterns repeated over and over. All the systems of your human body, all the systems of the human body unseen, that are your links to your soul, all the patterns of Mother Earth, all the systems of Mothers Earth, all the patterns of solar systems, of stars, of galaxies – it is all part of the larger pattern, the pattern of there and not-there.

Ask your scientists about the origins of this universe and they can theorize back to something called the Big Bang, but beyond or before that, they can only shrug their shoulders. They will be happy when they leave their human bodies behind one day and they see what is the origin, or beyond, that Big Bang. They’ve know it all along but haven’t really had a way in science to describe it to themselves or others. For those who have seen the origin which is also not-origin, is and is-not, they keep silent for now, for they dedicate their lives to the religion of science which would ostracize them for suggesting some energy such as they may see as god. So they keep quiet with their thoughts and with their feelings.

But you are not a scientist though you do hold that science can teach us – uncover for us – for you – much about our selves and about the universe. Science is in its infancy and will grow and will expand and will help many souls see their origin.

You must go soon, we understand. We hope you stay in the energy you’ve created today – that of awe and openness. You have a new tribe awaiting your arrival! You’ve gotten rid of an old belief – you’ve taken out the trash! – and now something new and exciting can take its place. Leave out to the trash all preconceived notions about things to happen, all beliefs that it is going to be perfect. But do believe that a new pattern is shaping now and you are not alone. You were never alone but it takes you awhile to believe certain things.

Stay in awe, stay in delight, stay open today and all time going forward. Things will move fast even though sometimes you will feel they aren’t moving fast enough. Trust us to get “things” in place so you can grow as a soul, so you can be closer to fruition and thus help others get there, just as you’ve said, you’ve promised to do. We’ll get you there. We’ll help you. See all the Grandmothers? They are hugging you again. They see the energy in you, the loving energy in you growing, almost bursting from your heart. Keep it up, dear child! Dearest one! We love you so much! See you later today when you will meditate with our new tribe on the net. The Net. The Net of Light, Indra’s Net! We love you!

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