Play! Dance!

Play! There are things that weigh heavy on your mind and you must release them and play! Look at us, dancing and laughing around the fire. See how full of joy we are? All those cares – that anger and fear – mean nothing to your soul work. Other than that those are things of your human life and of the drama generated between humans which has no bearing on the life of the soul. Life of the soul – eternal and forever. Those concerns of yours are miniscule, they are only but little bits in the greater awareness you are building of the true meaning of being alive here on Earth School.

Look at us! Join us in this dance! We dance in a circle with smiles and laughter and pure joy! Do you not feel it? Look at all the children of Mother Earth dancing with delight, at being created and with being creators. Are you not among them? Are you not a child of Mother Earth? Created from Her – She Who Gives of Herself to Life – yes, you are Her creation while in Earth School. She creates this body with joy, with awe at the spirit that animates it. Awe that you, dear child, dear soul, have come to occupy this space. Dance!

Dance away the darkness you feel descend upon you. What matter is it of the “job” and all that drama? You hide or ignore your creativity. Creativity vital to the wellbeing of Mother Earth, of all of creation of the Universe!

We dance in a line, a conga line, we dance freely, we dance in a synchronous step. All of it is creation! Create, dear heart, create! Dance your creations into being. Dance with abandon. Dance with us, dance with your sisters and lover and golden children. See now how the children of Mother Earth dance and sing. You think high-fiving in a human body is fun? Wait until you see the centipedes and millipedes high-five each other! What fun to do it over and over and over and over. Watch the trees sway their heads, Sister Wind singing with them, through them. Hear the fungi passing one note from one to another, creating songs, tunes in harmony with the All, with the Universe, the stars so high above them can still hear the clear bell of singing of the fungi of Mother Earth.

There is great joy in the world, fill your heart with it, increase its magnitude and send it back out into the world. There is nothing at your “job” that can be as great as this – to create and to give. To create and share love, to generate love in all its manifestations and send it out into the Universe. Look at us, the Grandmothers dance and lift off the ground, the floor of our cave – the Womb of Life – and dance. Right now, it is important for you to feel joy and light in movement. We want you to dance. Today’s writing is done. Put down your pen, turn on some music and dance. Life is joy, pure joy. En-joy. Enjoy every moment for there are only so many in a single human lifetime. Enjoy this body, enjoy your senses.


With all our love to you, The Grandmothers

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