A Message from Yvonne to Her Parents

You feel what you feel. That’s that. Look, I know it’s not the usual thing listening to someone from beyond the grave. It creeps people out but it’s not like a movie or what you read in a book. It’s like, well, there’s no way to really describe it over here. I don’t hurt anymore. Not in my body or in my heart or my emotions. Nothing has a sharp edge to it, no pain of heartache like when you break up with someone.

My parents. I want to talk about my parents. They loved me alot and I didn’t love them back. Not enough, not like I could have. True, I was a teen and we know what that’s like to have all those emotions and to see freedom just on the other side where all the supposed adults are. I wish I had told them more often that I loved them. I can say it from here but they don’t listen. Not because they don’t want to believe it – that I loved them – but because they don’t think we are here and are reaching out. It’s so sad in that way but it’s been like that for a long time I guess. Long before I got here. I just want them to know I love them and I’m sorry for everything I put them through.

I see things a lot differently now. Now I’m here, it’s different and I don’t feel like I did. I mean, I don’t have the physical things but also all the emotions that were one thing one time, and something else another time. My name is, or was, Yvonne Summers (Somers?). And I love my parents very much. Please tell them that. Don’t doubt. I was an only child. I was unhappy before but now I just… am. Not like happy happy but more like feeling calm and protected. Not like I wasn’t protected by mom and dad but, I don’t know – protected is the only word I can think of. I was afraid of stuff, not like being afraid of a person. Not like that, just afraid of stuff. Like being an adult. But I wanted to be an adult too. But now none of that matters because I’m here.

But I’m doing ok, that’s the big thing I wanted to say. That, and I love you. I think I love a lot of people. Yeah, I think so. It’s all good here. No worries, ok? No worries about me or what’ll happen to you. It’s all good. It’s really good here. You’ll see. You’ll be happy here when you get here. It’s nice. It’s a good place to be if you aren’t going to be on Earth. I know that sounds funny, maybe a little weird, but it’s true. So just know that things are different here because there’s no pain and feelings aren’t as hard to take and there’s alot of love here.

Lots of people I didn’t know were in our family are here. They are trying to help me learn things, which is nice of them. You probably know more of them than I do. It’s like I’ve heard stories of them but never met them, so I feel like I know them, something familiar about them, but yet I know I never met them. That sort of thing. And my dog, Rascal, he’s here. He can run around and play like we used to. So he keeps me company too.

I wish I was there with you or you here with me but I don’t want you to come here too soon. You’ve gotta be there for awhile yet. I’ll be there again some time soon, but not yet. I have lessons to do and I gotta understand these feelings I had, but it’s all good, ok? It’s gonna be fine. I want you to concentrate on that. That it’s all gonna be fine. You have a happy life and we’ll get together whenever, at a different time, so don’t come yet. Just live your life right out to the end and I’ll see you when you’re done and ready. Mom, I love you. Dad, I love you. You are good people, good parents. So that’s all I’ve got to say. Just I love you. That’s all. That’s all. I love you.


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