Giving Yourself Comfort

In these days, you will need to find comfort. We are not suggesting that you turn to things that deaden or suppress pain, emotional or otherwise. Although if that is what you want to experience, then that is good for you. For your soul made a plan before you were born on Earth through your mother to be with your Mother, to experience all the things that you do on Earth. Love, anger, joy, hate, friendship, enemyship, separation, union, prosperity, lack, abundance. Most of all, love. We are getting off track a bit here.

As we began – in these days, you will need to find comfort. It comes in many forms that lift you or ground you depending on what you need. Often, you need physical comfort. This comes in many forms – from another human, an animal that lives with you, a family member, but also there are some items that are not animate that can give you comfort.

Many of you, as adults, have poo-pooed having a stuffed animal toy to hold on to. It was something that you were told to “give up” when you were transitioning from a child to an adult. And yet, it can give you comfort because when you hug the toy, you are essentially hugging yourself. If you were to hug yourself, which you can do and should do when you need comfort, is also seen as something culturally “taboo.” This is all nonsense of course. If you want to hug yourself, go ahead! If you feel awkward, hug a stuffed toy. We say a stuffed toy because many if not most of you had such a toy as a child and it gave you comfort then.

But you might instead have a favorite blanket, a sweater, a pair of sweatpants – these soft items can bring you joy, comfort, and a sense of calm in times of storm. Energetic storm. You needn’t go into the psychological reasons why hugging something soft gives comfort. You can, but that is an intellectual pursuit that has it’s place. When you need comforting, your intellect is in the way. Figure that out some other time. Hug yourself for peace, calm, even squeeze in a bit of joy. Joy that you are free to hug! That’s right, free to hug.

If you have someone who is willing to receive your hug and willing to give you one back, that is good too. But sometimes, relationships come with expectations and baggage, emotional baggage, and the unconditionality you seek is missing when hugging another human. Pets are less conditional in their response but not all pets like to be hugged. You are probably thinking of dogs and cats that like to be on your lap or near you. They don’t necessarily like hugs. If your pet is an iguana, they are even less likely to enjoy a hug and probably not all that good at giving back a hug. All animals are good at helping tune your energy to that of Mother Earth, but not likely to be able to give you a hug.

So, get yourself a stuffed toy, blanket, pillow, or other such item that you can hug. Give yourself permission to hug this item when you need it! You are free of the constraints of culture and society that says that adults don’t hug stuffed toys or need blankets. Phooey. That is not true if you feel that you need a hug and you do not wish to get one from another human. You do not need permission from anyone, just a reminder that you can do as you like when you need to take care of yourself. There’s no need to “follow the rules” of behavior if following them makes you feel like your energy is drained away or given away or taken from you.

You have the right to hugs. You have the right to hug yourself when you want to and when you need to. You can love yourself as much or more than you love others. You don’t give yourselves love often enough when you are feeling in need. Hug equals love.

We must say here that when we say hug equals love, we are referring to self-love. Hugging another human or animal if they allow you to do so, is a different energy and it has to have some mutuality to it. If that mutual consent is there, then hug away. But the self-love hug can surprise you at how quickly you agree with yourself that you could use a hug. Touch is an important component in the experience of being human, one of the senses that is often overlooked. But it is also more than skin to skin. It is deeper than that. It is wider and taller than that. It involves other energies that are part of you that you probably don’t think about.

Your hug of you connects you to your spiritual self as well as your physical self.

Susan just now hugged herself and thought about what that gave her. The thing is, her hug turned into just a stretching session. For her, having a toy or blanket will help her find comfort instead of stretching or going into some type of yoga pose. Not that those things are not right for they are also good for the human body, but we are talking about needing comfort, needing a hug for comfort. So we say to her, there are pillows over on the couch and you can hug one of those if you feel the need to hug something when you are finished typing for us. She could do it now but she’s agreed to wait until we are finished.

In our final words, please free yourself when you need comfort and find the toy, pillow, blanket, or other item that will give you joy to hug it. You are giving yourself a hug. No conditions put on you, no demand for a hug in return, no denial or waiting period. Hug away. Hug, hug, hug! You are lovely, unique, wonderful, a bright light for others. You are a bright light for yourself when you allow yourself to be. For you are love. For you are Love. An eternal, divine, loving, brilliant light being. Being of light and love. You have your doubts we can tell, but you can believe it. Believe in. Believe in yourself and your brilliance of love divine.

We are so glad to have time with you today. We send an energetic hug to you for we love you beyond measure. We know that love exists in you and love is your being. We love you!


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