Memory and Moment

Twenty years ago, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed. Wow, twenty years! I was working at SUNY and it was a Tuesday morning. A few of my students had their laptops on and were getting information about the event. Once I saw what the news was showing, I stopped the class. So many of those students had family in the City and some had family that probably worked at the WTC.

It had only been a year and a couple of months since we’d moved from Brooklyn and that I had resigned my job at CIS, in the World Financial Center, a block away from WTC. I used to take the train into the WTC station and go up the escalators to the ground level, sometimes walking through the WTC. I remember clearly the beautiful fiber wall-hanging. It was at least 20 by 30 feet if not larger. I remember it on the wall that no longer exists.

But I knew no one who was killed that day. I feel fortunate. I mean, maybe there were people I used to work with that were in that tragedy, but I didn’t hear about them – that I remember.

But these remembered feelings are nothing compared to what others who did have loved ones must have felt and perhaps still feel. And all the souls who experience this type of violence on a daily basis – what they must feel. Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Croatia, so many, many places.

It is not the story, it is the feelings, as the Z’s and the P’s say. It is the emotions that are the energetic forces with which to observe and learn about and from. Today is a day of sadness at what we have lost in terms of humans whose souls went back to Source, back Home. Some of whom may be back now in other bodies, or may be trying on other energies somewhere else in the universe. We miss them even though we may not have consciously known them. We are all connected.

I can feel sadness in me but it is unclear whether that is from the loss of Leo (our cat) or from the energy that the Collective is emanating. Perhaps both.

The story, whatever it might be, is simply memory. The feelings – sadness and empathy – are the energies to focus on. We are to understand the frailty that undergirds these human bodies, that life is a drop, and for some, a river of tears. National borders do not matter, for we are all having this human experience together, this energy of being is all of us. Belongs to all of us.

May the light of Source, of Love, pour through me as a conduit to all who need love and light. May those in assumed control find the empathy that we all possess, and see the falsehood of power-over. May war end and peace prevail. Not peace that brings with it power and control over others, but peace everlasting in the hearts of all souls having this human experience. It is time we live a new way. A way of love.

Peace be with all of you.

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